Evening Trees
Contemporary Art


 Evening Trees
Watercolor by Meyer Sherman
18″ x 24″

Category: Watercolor

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About Sherman Art World

Sherman Art World is the home of a lifetime of art by Meyer and Naomi Sherman. Their works include paintings, drawings, sculpture and jewelry utilizing many mediums including watercolor, ceramics, enamel, pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, silver and many more. Many sources of inspiration came from traveling all over the US, Europe, Canada and China. Even though they were accomplished artists, they continued to take classes in their retirement to explore new techniques and find outlets for their creative ideas.

Meyer Sherman

Meyer Sherman (1929 - 2013) was born in Brooklyn, NY on January 1, 1929, the first baby born in NY that year. The youngest of four, he grew up in a tenement apartment, drawing on paper bags his mother would bring him.

After serving in the Korean Conflict, he earned his Bachelor of Arts at Wichita State University, the first in his family to achieve a college degree. Initially pursuing a career in commercial art in New York, some of the techniques of which would influence his entire career, Sherman found the work creatively constraining and too irregular.

He chose to continue his education at New York University, attaining a Master’s in Education. It was at NYU that he met Naomi Ullman, also pursuing her degree. They were married shortly after graduating, moved to Bay Shore, NY on Long Island, started a family with two sons, Barnet and Jonathan, and shared a creative life together for 55 years. The family lived in England for a year where he studied for and graduated with a Master’s in Ceramic Design at the Staffordshire Institute of Technology. They retired to Carlsbad, CA before finally moving to Nashville, TN.

While he worked in numerous mediums and experimented with various styles, his primary focus—and personal favorites—were ceramics, water color, pen and ink, and pencil. His watercolors were presented at numerous showings, including at the prestigious Salmagundi Art club in New York, where he was extended a membership. Influenced by his surroundings, his travels across the United States and the world, including France, Turkey, China and Newfoundland, were reflected in his works both in content and style. Fascinated by the faces of the peoples and landscapes of the places he saw, he drew and painted each extensively.

His work reflects his unique ability to capture the inner emotion of the subject, be a man, woman, event or locale—and evoke an emotion in the viewer. In that, his work rises above mundane reproduction; it grasps the essence of what it truly means to be an artist.

Naomi Sherman

Naomi Sherman (1920 - 2012) was born in Bronx, NY. She received her under graduate degree from Goucher College and earned her Master’s Degree in Art Education from New York University, where she met her future husband, Meyer Sherman.

A gifted artist, she turned her attention to various mediums and creative outlets over the years. She wrote poetry, started a literary magazine, designed and made clothing and hats, dabbled in pottery and ceramics, glass, painted in oil and watercolor and drew in pastel. She even studied with renowned expressionist artist Willem De Kooning briefly. But perhaps her best known works were in her jewelry creations. She could take gold, silver and precious stones and bring out vibrant and unique forms that were more art-to-wear than traditional jewelry. Broaches, pendants, rings, necklaces, cufflinks—nothing was out of her range. There were gallery showing and some awards, although she insisted art competitions were ridiculous, since in her view was that art was too broad and subjective to be judged for awards. She continued to do jewelry and metalsmithing well into her 70s and was quite a sight: wearing safety goggles and holding a jeweler’s torch in one hand while tapping away with a forming hammer in her other on her latest work.